3 Things You Aren’t Doing on your KICKSTARTER Campaign

There is a lot to think about when planning your KICKSTARTER campaign but once a campaign is live, there are so many ways to push for success. Here are 3 actions you should take once your campaign is live.

  1. Say thank you — you can never say this enough and be appreciative for all your supporters. One easy step is to send a personal message to every single backer as soon as you see their pledge come through. A backer can change or cancel their pledge at any time so you want to make sure they know you really value their contribution.
  2. International backers — put yourself in the shoes of an international backer. You would want to feel confident and certain a product you ordered is going to make it to your doorstep before you pledge. Most people don’t think about the customs, duties (taxes) for each country they are sending to. If you don’t take care of this for your buyer, then it becomes their responsibility. If you ordered something from Germany, would you know how to declare it in the USA? You probably wouldn’t even think of it, and neither do your international backers. Make it easy for them.
  3. Use referral links — it is not obvious but KICKSTARTER allows you to create custom referral links only once you have launched the campaign. So don’t start those ads up just yet until you have created unique referral codes for every single advertisement source. You should even make them unique by ad so you know exactly which creative is converting and not just the channel. This feature is somewhat hidden in the dashboard.

Keep a close eye on your campaign and always test out new ideas, you never know what might work.

Kim is the creator of
Hackpack, a full funded Kickstarter campaign