10 Reasons You’ll Want Jive Hosted VoIP for Your Real Estate Phone System

Having the right real estate phone system is one way agents can tip the scales in their favor. It can be your secret weapon when it allows you to out-organize and become more responsive than your competition.

That’s why a hosted voice (or Hosted VoIP) phone system is gaining traction across so many industries, including real estate. Jive Voice, Jive’s Hosted VoIP product, gives you access to a low-maintenance, high-tech solution that frees up your office budget, increases your realtors’ privacy and security, and gives you access to a bevy of productivity-enhancing features.

Here’s a taste of how a Jive Voice can serve your real estate agency:

#1. Fewer costs to worry about

Purchasing, installing, and maintaining an in-office real estate phone system can rack up some hefty costs. And while you’re pouring money into keeping it running, the system is aging, growing obsolete, and cutting you off from the latest phone features. Jive reverses that trend by delivering service virtually and switching the burden of maintaining and upgrading the system to us. Not much is required on-premises (usually just the phones and a router) to make the solution work.

#2. More mobile agents.

Jive Voice is accessed remotely, making it available across multiple devices and locations. Your agents can make real estate sales from anywhere, including their office phone, a home office phone, a smartphone, or even a desktop — with access to office extensions and other phone features.

#3. Better security and privacy for your agents.

With Jive, you can give your clients one business number and have it ring your office phone, your personal cell or other mobile device, or your home phone either simultaneously or sequentially.

Imagine it: No more handing out your personal numbers, or writing additional numbers on your business card. One number gets it done — on your cards, signs, ads, etc. And it doesn’t have to change, so you save money on printing marketing materials.

You can even mask calls from your personal devices with your one business number. And when agents leave your real estate agency, you can redirect calls to their extension to another agent, making it easier to retain clients.

#4. Simpler system management.

Jive Voice is managed through an online portal where changes can be made with a few simple mouse-clicks and then implemented in real time. You can customize your menu options, greetings, and messages without needing to be an IT expert, making it easier to customize your system to keep up with changing rates or seasonal messaging.

#5. Scalability with minimal hardware.

Plugging new agents into your Jive system only requires a few changes on your online portal and a new phone. It’s the same for opening up new real estate offices — the system is accessed via your Internet network and doesn’t require an expensive new system or hardware as your agency expands.

#6. Access to the latest phone features.

New features are also added to Jive Voice without forcing you to buy new hardware or pay added costs. We make all the changes on our end, and it registers in your real estate office as a simple (and automatic!) software update.

#7. Easy-to-update recorded messages and greetings.

Recording and uploading messages and greetings is a snap with Jive. You can update property listings, showing times, office hours, and much more on a daily basis — if that’s what you want — and plug them into a menu or call queue so you’re never sharing outdated information with clients.

#8. Your voicemail where you want it.

Voicemail to email comes standard with Jive. This is a features that attaches your voicemail messages to an email, and then forwards the email to your designated inbox. Instead of accessing a voicemail box and having to remember the code, you can pull up your email and check ALL your messages, both written and recorded.

#9. Virtual receptionists to free up your actual receptionist.

Jive’s phone system comes with unlimited auto attendants, an automated feature that answers inbound calls with recorded messages and a list of self-serve menu options. Callers can receive answers to simple questions like hours, current listings, and other simple information without requiring anyone to answer the phone. Those callers who need to talk to someone can select an extension, department, or voicemail — whatever suits your agency.

#10. Quicker turnaround and less hardware when you’re handling important documents.

In real estate, you have to handle several important, timely documents. Jive gives you virtual faxing, a feature that lets you use your email account and Internet network to send a fax rather than your phone lines and fax machine. So you can ditch the fax machine, because all of your agents’ extensions can be set up to send and receive faxes.

With Jive, your agency has a real estate phone system that will give your office a more professional and customized phone presence, make your agents more responsive and productive, and curb unnecessary hardware and maintenance costs. Learn more about what Jive can do for you at jive.com/voice.