Get Kelvin’s Open Call for Feedback

Get Kelvin believes in openness — it’s one of our core values — and not that we choose favorites, but it’s right there at the top. “We strive to be open-minded and responsive to input, transparent and collaborative in our decision making, and generous and altruistic in the sharing of information with one another.”

But how can we do this? How can we, a new technology company, be responsive to your feedback and collaborative in how we build our product?

Well, we’re an experiment, and we’re starting this way: when you join Get Kelvin, you can leave any feedback request you like on our Feedback page. Tell us what you’d like changed or fixed, what feels broken, what could be better, and upvote others’ feedback as well.

Periodically we take the top items of feedback and rank them internally, looking at feasibility and the team’s current workload. Once the feedback is narrowed to the top two requests, we create a poll for our users, which is exciting because it means you tell us what we should build. Once the votes are in, we’ll start building the product feature you want.

So, dear reader, what would you like to see happen on Get Kelvin next?

a) the ability to leave comments on the Feedback page (for example, adding your opinion or idea onto an existing item of feedback)


b) the ability to organize your favorite sites into a collection by adding folders, favorites, or bookmarks

Click through to the site and tell us what you think — this round of voting is up until Monday, 1/14/19. We’re excited that you’re joining this experimental journey of user moderation. Welcome to the Get Kelvin team! 🤩