Getting Started: Installing the Extension on Google Chrome

At Kelvin, we’re building a conversation as large as the Internet, on top of the Internet. Kelvin is a simple user-determined, user-moderated way for everyone to measure, give feedback, discuss and add context to the Internet. No doubt you’re ready to get started! This post will walk you through the steps required to install and use the Kelvin extension.

Step One: Check your browser (Spoiler alert: you need Chrome or Firefox)

If you already have Chrome, skip to Step 2.

If you are a Firefox user, check out our Installing the Extension on Mozilla Firefox blog post.

Google Chrome is a fast, secure and free web browser that is great for surfing the Internet. In order to utilize the Kelvin extension, you will need to use Chrome as your web browser on your personal computer (for now). So let’s download it!

Simply visit the Chrome download page, and click “Download Chrome.” You’ll need to accept the terms and click “Install.” If you need help with the installation process, Google has a great step-by-step guide here.

Now that you’ve got Chrome installed, let’s install the Kelvin Extension!

Step Two: Install the Kelvin Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has a web store that offers extensions for the Chrome browser (think of it like an App Store for your browser).

Visit this link to add the free Kelvin extension to your Chrome browser.

You’ll need to click the blue “Add to Chrome” button, and then confirm that you want to add the extension.

Once the extension has been added, you will see the following message, and you’ll see a button with the Kelvin logo on the right hand side of your Chrome search bar.

Congratulations! You’ve installed the Kelvin extension. An exciting user-determined universe awaits! So have fun, show love and have opinions.

And, keep reading to learn how to use the Kelvin extension…