Change EVERYTHING by Doing Just One Thing: Look for Assets

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The world of dating is riddled with nerves, excitement (sometimes fear) of the unknown, and question marks about how you and this person will meld. The fastest way to discover your potential as a couple is to approach dating with a ‘delightful curiosity.’

Just what do we mean? Well, if you’re delightfully curious, you’re going to be appreciative of the things you learn about your date. They will sense this acceptance and genuine interest, and in turn, will open up more. BINGO! The faster someone feels comfortable, the faster you will get to see the real them. This is what takes you to the GOOD stuff of dating. Now, you can see what this person is REALLY like.

BUT, here’s the key — focus on their strengths. There is nothing that shuts down progress faster than a critical eye. Our intuition is EXTRA sensitive to this on a date. Besides, wouldn’t YOU want to be seen for what you HAVE to offer, rather than what you don’t?

Some of you are wondering, “what about the stuff that doesn’t work well with me?” The more appreciated and accepted someone feels, the more they will reveal aspects of themselves that allow you to learn about what does and doesn’t fit. Focusing on ASSETS will get you faster to determining if you have a future with this fellow dater.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell us your opinions and experiences with this approach. Ever sat across the table from someone who seemed to evaluate you? How did that date go?

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