Profile Picture DON’TS: What Not To Do

In a previous blog, we gave you guidelines on selecting photos that best represent you.

Remember, you don’t have to be stunningly gorgeous to be successful in online dating — but you should represent yourself in ways that are authentic, flattering and highlight your assets.

Unfortunately, the truth in online dating is that you only get ONE SHOT to make a good first impression.

Here’s what NOT to do in pictures:

Profile Picture Don’ts

  1. No forced facial expressions (e.g., “duck” lips)…Unnatural expressions may actually distort your facial features, and make you less attractive.
  2. No forced poses (e.g., ‘model’ type angles)…People are more attracted to natural representations.
  3. No shirtless pics…Data shows that daters see this as ‘trying too hard.’
  4. No blurry pictures…These pictures raise suspicion in the viewer.
  5. No pictures from a drunken night with the buddies…Silly pictures that are a big hit among friends might create the wrong impression in people who don’t yet know you.
  6. No pictures from 1984…Instead, current photos suggest you have nothing to hide!

Being misled by someone online is every dater’s worst nightmare. Following these guidelines will ensure that you are seen as honest and trustworthy. In addition, if someone chats with you based on a real representation, you’ll know they like you just the way you are. Use pictures wisely to grab the attention of your ideal date.

Here’s to dating success,


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