The **CRITICAL** Piece to Online Dating: Do THIS or BUST!

Online dating sites are notorious for taking you through a series of questionnaires.

They ask you to provide all sorts of characteristics, such as your career, height and hobbies, just to name a few!

While filling-in these smaller details may take a lot of time, as it turns out, they are CRITICAL to your success in online dating!

Why, you ask?

Dating sites are designed to allow people to sift through thousands of profiles by selecting criteria that is important to them, criteria that is contained in those small boxes!

For example, a woman may conduct a search for men who are between the ages of 30–45, have an athletic build, green eyes, are of Latin descent, and have no children. Voila — everyone else is thereby excluded from these search results, and she will never have a chance to see them!

If you have left these boxes blank, the sad truth is, you won’t come up in anyone’s search!

Are you flying under the radar of Mister or Miss right? Make sure to fill in those annoying little boxes and increase your chances of dating success!