How to Avoid Podcast Cohost Regret
Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read
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Having a podcast cohost can be a win-win: what’s more fun than working with someone you respect on a new project?

But it can also be a lose-lose: what’s harder than realizing your friend has turned into your enemy as you disagree about vision, roles, and even what times to record on your new project?

Use these three questions below to guide having a conversation with your potential cohost before you commit to doing a show together.

Making sure you both are on the same page before you hit record on that first episode can save you some serious #podcastcohostheartache. It’s real!

Question 1: Do we have the same vision for this podcast?

  • What will the format be?
  • Will we have guests?
  • How personal will we get?
  • Will we talk about adult themes?
  • What is our big dreams for the show? More than download numbers, is it a building a community, making our podcast our full-time job, publishing a book, running live events, or something else?
  • How close to the big dream do you want to be six months, one year, three years from now?

Question 2: Do we have clearly defined roles for each of us?

  • What are each of our titles? Are we cohosts, a host and a segment guest, a host and a producer, something else?
  • Specifically, what are each of our duties tied to our roles?
  • What will we do if we disagree on an idea or a guest? Who or what will be our deciding factor?
  • Are we hiring outside help? Who is paying for that?
  • What are our individual promotional requirements? Are we required to share new episodes on our own channels?
  • If we want to start a show social media account, blog, or website, who runs it?
  • If we end the show, what happens to our old episodes? What if only one of us wants to end it? How will we split ad money? Do we want to have a lawyer formalize this in writing? (Yes!)

Question 3: Do our schedules line up?

  • Is there a time when we both can record on a regular basis?
  • Can we find a standing date to record, or do we want to do it ad hoc for each new episode?
  • Do you want to batch record multiple episodes at once, or do them one at a time?

If the answer is yes to all three questions: Congrats, you have a cohost!

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