12 Signs You Still Love Your Ex and Want Him Back

Some emotions can be so overwhelming that it gets difficult to know what you actually want. And there is nothing more annoying than being confused about your own feelings. The post-breakup phase can be really confusing. You are always wondering what is it that you actually want and what is good for you.

A lot of people misinterpret their emotions during this phase and end up regretting it for the rest of their lives. It is normal to feel broken and hopeless after a breakup, but if you have been too stubborn about not paying attention to your underlying feelings, you might regret it later.

Things may not have turned out as you expected, but that doesn’t always mean there is no hope for the relationship. You might force yourself into believing that you are no longer in love with your ex-boyfriend, when the truth is entirely different. Here are a few useful tips on how to find out if you are still in love with your ex and want to get back with him;

#1. You Cannot Stop Thinking About Him

You find your mind drifting towards him, whether it’s the memories of the past or a situation in the present. Every other thing that you come across each day reminds you of him, be it the streets you walked together, the cafes or restaurant you frequented, or the favorite TV shows that you enjoyed together. Even the smallest thing reminds you of him.

#2. You Try to Find Him in Every New Person You Meet

If you are trying hard to move on, it won’t be possible if you still have feelings for your ex. Do you try to find his qualities in every new guy you meet? Do you find yourself being drawn to people you feel are similar to him? If you do, it means that it is actually him whom you need.

#3. Trying to Reason Away His Hurtful Actions

You try to justify his hurtful actions and are tempted to forgive him for whatever he did. Your heart and mind may not be on the same page in this case, and you can easily end up being torn between whether to despise or to forgive him.

#4. You Get Jealous Seeing Him with Someone Else

Have you spotted your ex with someone else and you weren’t very happy about it? It could have been just another friend or a colleague, but you still feel jealous. Maybe that sense of possessiveness is still there, and you get jealous whenever you see him hanging out with other women.

#5. You Feel Tempted to Visit His Social Media Profile

You always have butterflies running in your stomach when you see a post from him on social media. You feel tempted to visit his profile and check out what he has been up to after every few days, if not all the time.

#6. If there is a Possibility of Running into Him, You Make Sure You Look Your Best

Do you become anxious whenever there is a possibility of meeting your ex at some event or at some place? If you are making an effort to look good in such situations, then you definitely want him to notice you. Why would you want someone in particular to notice or appreciate you if you are not in love with that person?

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