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Today, we’d like to announce a big step for Penta. We’ve just been acquired by finleap!

What does that mean?

We are now part of the finleap ecosystem, the №1 fintech ecosystem in Europe, and therefore we now have more power, tech know-how and top talents at our disposal than ever before. finleap has…

We’re very proud to announce that we just closed our Series-A of €7 million! We want to thank our teammates who have worked tirelessly over the past few months to get us to where we are today. …

Hi Friends,

Today, we’re very excited to announce our Seed Round of €2.2 million led by Inception VCI! 😃🎉🍻

So let’s party? Nope.

We’re excited about this funding for one reason: it’s bringing us closer to making business banking easy, fast and modern for millions of businesses all across Europe.

My team and I at Penta are building a digital bank account for businesses in Germany. You can open an account with us in under 15 minutes. We’re also free to open and free to use.

Compared to other business banks, we really are the best!

Here’s why:

  • You can…

We recently answered this on Quora here:

The best business account for small businesses in Germany is Penta. But I’m a bit biased as I’m a cofounder of Penta! However, I’ll tell you why I’m convinced that we’re offering the best service in Germany for small business.

So here…

A super exciting update for some! And a pretty dry one for others… So here’s out attempt at making this Penta update an exciting one.

An exciting signup feature for prospective customers! 👩‍💼🙍‍♂️

Do you have a business registered in Germany, but you’re hacking away in the Bahamas 💻🏖? No problem! We can now open bank accounts for…

Release notes can be quite boring. So we’re going to do our best to spice things up a bit the Penta way 🌶.

So here we go! Here’s our latest app update.

CSV Export

Well, it’s not the sexiest update… But it sure is useful! In the first step to…

The Penta brand has always been about being bold and doing things radically different than other banks — from day one. So when we sat down to think about our card design, we wanted to take the same philosophy to market.

But designing a MasterCard can be quite complex. Aside…

“Make something people want” is the startup community mantra. Hey, Y Combinator said it, so we should follow it right? Well, it doesn’t really matter who said it. Because it makes a lot of sense. Because making things that people want is all that really matters.

So here we go…

You can’t make business banking great if your UI and UX isn’t superb.

And well, our Alpha wasn’t. It was just ok. …


Open a German business bank account online—for free in minutes.

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