Introducing The Penta “Fly Green” Business Card

The Penta brand has always been about being bold and doing things radically different than other banks — from day one. So when we sat down to think about our card design, we wanted to take the same philosophy to market.

But designing a MasterCard can be quite complex. Aside from our best attempt to make the most beautiful business bank card in Europe, we also had to consider things that can also dramatically impact the design, like: where do you put the name of the founder, the card number, the business name, and what about security? 🤔

Our cofounder and CXO, Sir Gabriel Holbach, ended up designing over 300 MasterCard designs. Most of which we weren’t too happy with…

The first batch of designs Sir made in June 2016

We sent dozens of designs to business owners on our wait-list and in our community to get their feedback as well. But we still weren’t sure. Well, in reality: none of us knew what we wanted… But eventually, Sir thought: let’s keep it simple. Let’s choose a color that defines our brand. So we chose #2AFC86. Sir also thought to himself: what if we put the information on the back?

Ultimately, we decided keep the design clean on the front where the chip and NFC is for contactless payments while our big “P” stands vertically on the card.

Simultaneously we increased the security and privacy for our customers so that when a Penta customer is paying for something in public, others around them won’t be able to see the card number, expiration date, or name.

And voila, the Penta business card was born 🎨👨‍🎨

We’re really excited to get everyone’s feedback as well as see founders roaming around Berlin and Germany with their Fly Green Penta card in the coming weeks and months.

Until next time,

Your Penta Team