Revelator Today Issue #1 — A Dive into ICOs

I can’t think of a better way to start our newsletter digest than diving into the most interesting recent articles in the crypto space. The future of money is changing faster than one can imagine. Take the time to dig in…



Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust — 
 Beyond just Bitcoin, learn how blockchain technology is transforming how we interact with the world with our immersive infographic:

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Banking Giants Start to Use Blockchain Technology to Backup Data & Process Transactions — 
 $82 billion banking giant Morgan Stanley and leading financial institution Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) are utilizing blockchain technology-based platforms to maintain backup records and process transactions.

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Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money Again — 
 It has the potential to give us a new golden age of music.



Thoughts on Tokens — Balaji S. Srinivasan — Medium — 
 In 2014, we wrote that “Bitcoin is more than money, and more than a protocol. It’s a model and platform for true crowdfunding — open, distributed, and liquid all the way.” That new model is here, and…

Gnosis price pic

Analyzing Token Sale Models — 
 Note: I mention the names of various projects below only to compare and contrast their token sale mechanisms; this should NOT be taken as an endorsement or c…


10 Things You Need To Know From The June 29th “Crypto Currency” Conference Call — 
 On June 29, in partnership with Geektime, we held an hour long conference call with the four crypto currency thought leaders (Eyal Hertzog w/Bancor, Meltem Demirors w/Digital Currency Group, Olaf…

Bat triad diagram

BasicAttentionToken | A new token to value user attention on the internet. —

Fb landscape share

Continuations by Albert Wenger : Optimal Token Sales — 
 Optimal Token Sales The problem of finding an optimal structure for a token sale is quite difficult. For starters, the objectives between teams and investors are potentially different. Furthermore,…

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BNT: The First Smart Token is Born — The Bancor Protocol — 
 For the first time in history, an ever-liquid token has been deployed live in the field. BNT can always be purchased simply by sending ETH to an address — which instantly issues BNT tokens back to…


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Israel’s blockchain blockbuster — 
 A record-setting round of fundraising by Israel-based blockchain startup Bancor has focused attention on the technology in the country.

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Crypto Ledger Tezos Raises $160 Mln In 32 Hours, Will Become Largest ICO Ever — 
 Tezos, the project with support from Tim Draper, has so far raised $160 mln in its 12-day uncapped ICO.


Galia talks Bancor at Launch Festival 2017 — YouTube — 
 “Bancor allows anyone with no technical knowledge to easily create a fully functional token on the blockchain. It’s as easy as having a conversation.” Check …

ICOs and VCs — AVC


How Ethereum became the platform of choice for ICO’d digital assets | TechCrunch — 
 For most of the history of blockchain-based currencies and assets, the story has been all about Bitcoin. At a market capitalization of around $40 billion, it..

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ICO calendar — 
 See upcoming initial coin offerings. Get alerts.

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Cryptocurrency start-ups raising money through initial coin offerings — 
 The surging price of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether are leading to a new type of start-up financing that has investors using the bubble word.

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While investment firms ponder ICOs, this team is barreling ahead with a $100 million ICO fund | TechCrunch — 
 Most investors are trying to get a handle on initial coin offerings, which have begun racing through the tech ecosystem like a fire, causing excitement and..

Crypto Currencies

Aberdeen Says Cryptocurrency Bubble Will Burst Even If Coins Change Finance


Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Has Peaked, Billionaire Says | — 
 Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz has 10% of his net worth in Bitcoin and Ethereum. If they hit a certain price, he says he’d buy more.

Policy, Regulation (or lack of)

Monetary Policy for Crypto Tokens

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SEC is Still Eyeing to Regulate the ICO Market — 
 US Securities and Exchange Commission is still eyeing to enforce regulations to Blockchain companies engaged in ICO.

Delaware House Passes Historic Blockchain Regulation — CoinDesk

Required Reading! Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends

Kpcb internet trends 2017 facebook open graph

2017 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers — 
 2017 Internet Trends


Mary Meeker’s 2017 internet trends report | Code 2017 — YouTube — 
 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker is delivering her annual rapid-fire internet trends report right now at our 2017 Code Conference. This y…

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