How to get rid of the Naughties look; How to modernise your humble abode

Already in the second decade of the new millennium, it’s surprising to think that there is already a full period of time after 2000 that is now out of style. In 2016, home decor trends are very different than they were in 2006. If you feel like your home could use a style upgrade, modernise by recognising and removing these naughties faux-pas from your abode.

What’s Left Over From 2000–2009

The naughties were big on individualisation, less clutter than the 1990s but still an emphasis on comfort, thriftiness and showing your personality with details around the house. We wanted to bring home every single piece we found and loved, cramming shelves and every corner of our homes with stuff.

Colour was a huge factor in design with bold colours on every surface. There was an emphasis as well on rich patterns, florals, especially for feature walls. Painting or wallpapering one wall was a lot cheaper than doing the whole room.

In order to bring your home into this decade, place a focus on the following:

Neutral colour

2016 is all about minimalism. Pops of colour here and there can add fun and personality, but overall, clean and flat neutral colours rule. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, functional design presides over visual design.

Minimal styling

Continuing the minimal trend, understated design is now king. Unlike the naughties, it’s better right now to have a room free of knick-knacks and clutter. Statement pieces should rule the room in order to avoid too many elements merging together.


In the naughties, reality TV home makeover shows were so popular, everyone wanted to redo their home just for the fun of it. In the end, the quality of the rooms ended up falling short. Instead, let the things you have speak for themselves and avoid going out and buying tons of new furniture and accessories just because.

Sleek style

With the economic crisis, came the need to re-purpose and reuse old-style furniture. But the shabby chic farmhouse look is over. Sleek modern furnishings with flat design and little depth or detail will bring your home into the new decade. It’s not all about metal and chrome. Dark unfinished wood cut into sharp lines is a huge aspect of 2016 interior design. But keep the minimalistic approach by skipping the flowery tablecloth.

Go Retro

A lot of design elements from the 60s are coming back strong. From lighting fixtures to kitchenware to sofas, if it was popular in the 1960s, it’s groovy again. (We aren’t counting shag carpet here.) The “futuristic” yet still, homely feel of the 60s can be found everywhere, which is great for keeping with design trends and still not having to buy new, as many popular pieces can be found at thrift stores.


When it doubt, embrace the Internet. The world is still fascinated with DIY trends and re-purposing old finds. These days, who doesn’t have a Pinterest board with ideas and plans for their bathroom remodel? In the naughties, we threw together our rooms based on what we liked. Now, we have the ability to learn from experts and plan out our home design down to the last throw pillow.

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