Top 5 Benefits of Sketching as a Hobby

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Jan 18, 2017 · 3 min read

Hobbies are a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day at the office.

They can take your mind off anything that is stressing you out, and are a great way to enjoy yourself and let your mind rest. Drawing and sketching are great hobbies that you can do at any time. There are a number of reasons why you should start this fantastic hobby, but here are 5 of the best!:

1. Sketching and drawing is a great way to improve your creative skills and start thinking in a different way. Art shows you that there is normally more than one way to solve a problem. Art encourages open ended thinking and creativity. These can be really helpful for personal development and solving problems. Skills you learn through sketching can be applied in a number of different areas in your life.

2. Sketching helps develop a number of different areas of your brain. You develop your ability to focus and pay attention, a skill that can be very useful throughout your life and career. It also develops hand-eye coordination so that everyday tasks can become easier for you. But it also develops strategic thinking, something which everyone needs to be able to do some amount of.

3. Sketching can even improve your holistic health. As you build your self esteem and confidence through your art and your sketches as you become better and better. You will get a sense of achievement and start feeling proud of your art which you will carry that confidence through to the rest of your life. Having confidence in your work -whatever it is- is an incredibly useful thing to have.

4. Rest and relaxation is one of the main advantages of sketching, as a hobby. Sketching allows you to sit back and sketch a picture at your own pace. There are no rules and no one telling you what to do, you can just draw whatever you want and have fun while doing it.

5. Sketching can also help you improve your communication skills. Because there are no words in a drawing, well, most of the time, the artist finds other ways to communicate with the audience. This can help you improve your other communication skills by better understanding your feelings and emotions and without the need for words to be spoken.

Sketching is great for a number of different reasons and they don’t just apply to pencil and paper sketching. All of these advantages simply come from the act of drawing and taking time to sketch something that you want to, however you want to do that. The lifestyle benefits of this hobby are incredible and can really help improve your skills in a number of different areas of life, not just sketching.

In addition to improving your memory, sketching has many other health benefits - want to learn more, check out this article that one of our readers recently shared with us :

Why not try digital sketching with a stylus such as Scriba, it’s equally a beneficial as drawing on paper!

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