Introducing Sherlock.

Imagine being able to manage your entire restaurant via a single platform.

Wouldn’t it be ideal?

Well, this dream is now a reality! Meet Sherlock, a tool developed to simplify restaurateurs’ life.

Managing a restaurant has never been easier than with Sherlock!
Thanks to Sherlock, you will be able to concentrate on what you do best: meet suppliers, cook delicious food and please your customers!

All in one

Sherlock allows you to manage all interactions between your company, your partners and your customers from one single platform.

Sherlock integrates:
Human resources
Mobile payment
Stock management
Social Media
Marketing & Communication
Customer Reviews
Website Management

In short, Sherlock centralizes your company’s data to help you simplify and optimize your business. This, regardless of your business size & model.

Made with ♥️ by Alexander Fleming ️

A tool built from a rising problem, restaurants are facing, in order to save time, increase margins and reduce costs.

Let’s end this mess👆🏻

With Sherlock, say goodbye to managing each delivery platform on its own tablet. Sherlock brings them all together! If you want to subscribe to new services, do it in only one click.

No need to train your employees on multiple terminals and platforms. You can train them to use Sherlock, where everything can be done.

Sherlock offers additional services.

Providing quotes for your catering services is too time consuming? Sherlock integrates a scan of your offers and informs the interested customer directly of your availabilities. When booking, the event is added directly to your calendar.

Additional services = Additional Revenues

Sherlock also helps you at the back of your shop!

Personnel management takes time and we know it. This is why the platform integrates simplified and digitalized human resources management.

Sherlock also works as a timekeeper by computing employee working hours and producing your employee paychecks (soon). It even allows you to schedule staff based on services in just a few clicks.

All this and much more, today!

Whether you have a restaurant, a food truck, a bistro, a catering service or a café, Sherlock adapts to your needs. We built Sherlock to become an essential tool for all restaurant companies, regardless of their size or services they offer.


Available today, in beta version.
Test Sherlock for free for three months!

😬 The first 1000 registered will receive discounts on our first-year offers.

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Team Sherlock