Stack 2.0 is here

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of version 2.0 of our reading social network, Stack. The app is ready for immediate download from the App Store and Google Play.

With the mission of connecting all of the smart and curious content consumers across the world we’ve built this update with a host of new features and a real focus on improved personalisation and connectivity. So whatever it is you like to read, sit back, log in and let Stack serve you the articles you’ve been waiting to read.

AI driven personalisation

Stack now updates your preferences with each tap, swipe or scroll, so the more time you spend in the app the better we get to know what it is you like to read. Tailored article and user recommendations are fine tuned as you sort through the articles Stack suggests.

So whether you need to keep up with the latest trends in the tech industry or stay on top of all the goings on at your favourite sports team, Stack knows what you want to read and always keeps you in the know.

The social network of reading

As part of this release, we’ve made it possible to see how times articles in your Stack have been read. To Stack an article simply swipe-right or press the ‘Stack it’ button, this will publicly save the piece to your profile and share it with your followers.

Stacking allows you to curate a collection of your favourite articles that you can revisit and read offline anytime, anywhere. Your followers will also be able to read these pieces so make sure you’re stacking great articles and watch your followers and views grow as you become a thought leader.

By connecting with other Stack users not only will you be able to recommend great articles to your followers but you’ll discover stories from new sources and new people, giving you the chance to discover more content every day.

Download Stack 2.0 today and discover your news.