Best Time Tracking Software for Freelancers in 2020

A time tracker is an essential tool for almost any freelancer. It doesn’t really matter if you are paid by the hour or by delivered project. You still need to track your most precious commodity. At least if you are serious about your work.

Let’s dive in and explore the best time tracking software available in 2020.
But before we get to the list, there are some things to consider.

Free or paid?

Should you go for a product with free tier? Is it going to be free even if you use it daily and fill with data? How about in 3 years? Migrating your records is painful and takes time.

Perhaps open source alternative would be better then. I mean, open source is free and safe. Right?
Well… the thing is: If the software is free for everyone, who is taking care of all those servers, backups, maintenance and development? These things are costly. After all, you know what they say — if the product is free, you are the product.

Maybe this is too dramatic. But it should be given some thoughts before you decide.

How about them clouds — yay or nay?

Everything is in the cloud these days. It’s hype. It’s cool. But is it better?

Cloud based essentially means you can access your data from any device connected to the interned. May it be yout laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This often implies a little issue thought. It’s the fact that most cloud based services won’t actually work offline — which can be a big deal if you travel or live in rural areas where the internet connection is not extremely reliable.

Is cloud based solution better for you or do you want an icon on your Mac dock you can click anytime. Where is the data? Is it safely stored on your laptop? But what it you buy a new one? What if you want to track time on your iPad, too?

Should you download an app?

This brings us to another question. Do you want a native app sitting in your Macbook dock or do you prefer just clicking a bookmark?

Native apps have the benefit of speed. And also… well that’s pretty much it. Except that, you have to download them, install them and update them regularly.

On the other hand, web applications are always updated with the most up to date data. And you don’t have to install, download or do anything, except literally just typing web address once and creating an account.

Does new equal better?

One can get overwhelmed and confused very easily with the huge number of new apps, websites and startups popping up almost every day. They always look sleek, too.

This is not exactly what you should be going for, though. You are looking for something reliable. Solution that has been around for a couple of years and is not going anywhere. Because migrating from one time tracking software to another every 6 months is not considered productive.

90% of new companies fail — and tech companies are no exception.

Time tracking software for freelancers

Tasklog logo

Tasklog: Software for Freelancers

$5 / month · 7-day free trial · Cloud based · No download · Since 2013 · Website:

Toggl logo

Toggl: Simple & beautiful tools that help teams work better

$5/mo or $19/mo · Cloud based · No download · Since 2013 · Website:

Clockify logo

Clockify: 100% free time tracking software

Free · Cloud based · No download · Since 2017 · Website

Harvest logo

Harvest: Time tracking for those who value insight

$12 / mo · Cloud based · No download · Since 2006 · Website:

My Hours logo

My Hours: Time tracking for your projects and tasks

Free or $7 / mo · Cloud based · No download · Since 2013 · Website:

Which tool are you using for time tracking? Share your 2 cents in the comments.

Originally published at on September 25, 2020.




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Tasklog: Simpler Freelancing

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