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If Ziptastic helped your business, send me a note and we’ll feature you in our blog.

forward geocoding
Taking a postal code and returning useful information.

When would I use this?

Mobile checkout
You can save your customers time by only asking for their ZIP code during checkout. The rest (city, state, county, and country) can be determined automatically.

Here’s how Charlotte Russe does it:

Did you catch how the zip code entry field is placed before any of the other fields? This gives the user the chance to correct any of the auto-populated data, if necessary.

Landing pages
Forward geocoding is also helpful when you need to associate extra metadata with your users. Consider a landing page that collects a user’s email address to send updates. Ask for their ZIP code as well, and with Ziptastic, you’ll be able to extract their local timezone. Now, you can be sure your emails will be sent at a time that’s convenient for them. …

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What is “reverse geocoding” and why would you want to do cool things with it? If you’re asking that question after reading and clicking on the title of this article then you’re at the right place!

Reverse geocoding is the process of taking a coordinate pair and converting it into relevant locale information. You can see a browser demo of Ziptastic’s reverse geocoding API here.

Reverse geocoding is very helpful in collecting market data about users and buyers of your products.

  1. Let’s say you own have a company called “Mobile Blizzard Ice Cream” and you have 10 ice cream trucks. It’s an extremely hot day out. One of your potential customers opens your ice cream locator app to find the nearest truck so they can escape the heat as fast as possible. you can do this by getting their current coordinates from their phone or computer as well as the coordinates of each of the trucks and then finding the nearest truck. …

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We’re on Medium! GetZiptastic.com has been growing in 2016 and we’re long over due for creating a blog.

Hopefully we can provide useful and insightful ways to make amazing applications using geo data to amaze your customers.

Open source is a big initiative this year and we have an awesome team that is contributing!

John Dennis Pedrie and Austin Kregel are working on https://github.com/ziptastic/ziptastic-php

Thomas Schultz is working on https://github.com/ziptastic/ziptastic-python and others.

Brendan Franco is working on https://github.com/ziptastic/ziptastic-java which will be launching this year as well.

Ziptastic is currently serving over 3 million requests per month and hopefully we’re serving 10 million requests per month by the end of the year.

Give us a follow and keep an eye out for more posts about how to use geocoding services like Ziptastic!



Improving customer experience on the web through simple APIs. Ziptastic is a forward and reverse geocoding API service. https://www.getziptastic.com

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