3 Cool Things To Do With Reverse Geocoding

What is “reverse geocoding” and why would you want to do cool things with it? If you’re asking that question after reading and clicking on the title of this article then you’re at the right place!

Reverse geocoding is the process of taking a coordinate pair and converting it into relevant locale information. You can see a browser demo of Ziptastic’s reverse geocoding API here.

Reverse geocoding is very helpful in collecting market data about users and buyers of your products.

  1. Let’s say you own have a company called “Mobile Blizzard Ice Cream” and you have 10 ice cream trucks. It’s an extremely hot day out. One of your potential customers opens your ice cream locator app to find the nearest truck so they can escape the heat as fast as possible. you can do this by getting their current coordinates from their phone or computer as well as the coordinates of each of the trucks and then finding the nearest truck.
  2. You can do somewhat creepy things like the demo I have at the bottom of GetZiptastic.com. The last background picture at the bottom of the page will change to what should be a satellite view of wherever you currently are.
  3. Boundary detection. Let’s say you’re charting a race from coast to coast and you want to be alerted when drivers near or enter certain cities. If the cars send their current coordinates every 5 seconds you could reverse geocode those coordinates and when the car entered the desired city you could notify the welcome wagon!

These are just a few ideas that although they sound silly, with a few small tweaks, they could turn into useful applications and ideas. I hope these ideas were at least entertaining to think about. Please comment any ideas that you have on ways to use geodata!

If you have an idea and you want help implementing it with Ziptastic please don’t hesitate to contact me at tom@getziptastic.com!

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