How Charlotte Russe uses Ziptastic

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forward geocoding
Taking a postal code and returning useful information.

When would I use this?

Mobile checkout
You can save your customers time by only asking for their ZIP code during checkout. The rest (city, state, county, and country) can be determined automatically.

Here’s how Charlotte Russe does it:

Did you catch how the zip code entry field is placed before any of the other fields? This gives the user the chance to correct any of the auto-populated data, if necessary.

Landing pages
Forward geocoding is also helpful when you need to associate extra metadata with your users. Consider a landing page that collects a user’s email address to send updates. Ask for their ZIP code as well, and with Ziptastic, you’ll be able to extract their local timezone. Now, you can be sure your emails will be sent at a time that’s convenient for them.

How do I get started?

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