Kalido: The blog!

Having developed and launched a super smart app that combines machine learning, social graphing and geolocation, all in a beautiful user-interface, and continuing to upgrade said app with a bunch of splendid new features, we’ve learnt a lot in the past two years. So, we thought ‘Hey, why not pass the learnings on?’ And then we thought ‘A blog. Yay!’

Our mix of informative and interesting posts will cover topics ranging from technology and artificial intelligence, to business and freelancing. This blog is a great complement to your Kalido app (which if you haven’t downloaded already, is available on your favourite app store). To remind you just how useful your Kalido app is, we’ve put together this little video — check it out:

If you have any suggestions or requests for future posts, we’re all ears (actually eyes) at support@kalido.me.