What is GetExpert.live?


GetExpert is an Indian startup by Chartered Accountant Finalist Nikunj Bhavana Kikani with his friend Atul Beladiya.

GetExpert is a platform that giving an opportunity to its community user to get expert advice online from Industry domain. On 1st July 2017, They have launched Beta version of their product. Currently, GetExpert is providing free service. Here, User can share his/her problem, query and idea to get more clarification with verified expert.

How they got an idea to build GetExpert platform?

In Jan 2017, they got an idea of one tech-based product . But the problem was that they both didn’t have the technical knowledge to design their technology based product. So they started to seek expert advice to make their idea into the reality. They didn’t get a proper solution through the local network. Then, they started to seek expert advice online. But due to limited access in the same place, they failed to get the right advice at right time. After four months, they met one expert who was from Delhi who suggested the way how to design and implement that product and how much time it took. Anyway, they postponed their idea as suggested by one startup expert who was from Mumbai that it is not the right time for the product. And as they got the idea of GetExpert Platform.

As Nikunj Bhavana Kikani and Atul Beladiya took four months to get the right solution, they wish their community users need less than 24 hours in place of four months.

GetExpert Vision
“We want to create a platform where one can get right solution at right time and from the right person. For this, we’re here building easy, simple one to one chat-based platform that connects a user to verified Expert.”

Thank you for noticing us.

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Post by 
Nikunj Bhavana Kikani
Founder — GetExpert