Minimum Pricing, Maximum Flexibility! #FS1

As part of the #FytStories series, we have the first FytStory from our very regular customer Parvez Ahamed. Read on to know what he has said.

Getfyt is the first app of its kind available for use in the city of Chennai, and simply saying that it helped me with my workout routine would be a gross understatement. With its low price and extreme flexibility on offer, it has become my go to app for gym subscription and eliminated the need for expensive gym memberships. With prices that are negligible compared to gym memberships and the flexibility work out at any gym on any day, Getfyt is the only thing you will ever need if you plan to step into a gym. The only downside is the Android app which contains a few bugs and is slightly rough around the edges, but that isn’t an issue if you use the desktop website.”

Thank you so much Parvez for the kind words. We shall definitely fix our Android app. For those of you who want to check the app and site out, here are the links:

Website :