16 Lazy GIFs That Are Effortlessly Entertaining

National Lazy Day was last Thursday, and today is National Relaxation Day, so to celebrate, here’s an article full of languid GIFs perfect for bringing out your slothy side. Just lie there and enjoy the lazy ride.

Speaking of sloths, these adorable animals are the undisputed masters of chill.

Trying to eat takes too much trying.

Laziness is defined as “an inclination not to do work or engage in activities.” So let’s enjoy some examples of people not working.

But what’s the trick to not getting fired?

Slacking off at work is akin to stealing, though, so if your malaise is too severe for you to be productive, you should at least call in sick.

“Maybe I can call someone to deliver my phone.”

After all, you’d have a valid excuse.

OK, still with me? Wake up, dude!

None of this is meant to malign laziness en masse. We all have times when we just don’t want to do anything besides plop into bed.

Or our favorite chair.

Or lie on the couch.

Or the floor.

OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme. It’s not like you literally just lie there. Sometimes important multitasking just looks lazy.

And you’re too doggone busy to stand and stuff.

Especially when you’re preoccupied contemplating important things.

“I’m not lazy, I’m just preserving my energy to use when I’m old.”

But when you’re feeling listless, a little exercise can go a long way to invigorate your body and mind. So get out of bed and get that blood flowing.

You can still stare at a screen if you must, but at least put those legs to use.

Even if they’re not your own.

Greg Schindler loves bad puns, sports (mainly college jai alai), fancy popcorn, and mentioning that he’s never seen Ghostbusters or Die Hard, as if that makes him interesting or something. Check him out on Twitter @Schindizzle.

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