Game 7: The Legacy of John Wall

John Wall, #1 overall pick from the 2010 NBA draft, is putting together one of the best postseasons of his professional career after making his way to the pros from the University of Kentucky. Monday night’s Game 7 between the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics was a defining moment in his career.

John Wall letting everyone know he has arrived after Game 6 victory.

Game 7 is one of the most anticipated events in all of sports. It does not come often, but it embodies the ideal of competition cherished by fans. Everything is on the line and whichever team loses goes home. Game 7 is where legends are made and where athletes on the brink of super-stardom shy away from the spotlight into mediocrity. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird all made their legacies by stepping up in Game 7's when opportunities presented themselves. While many have lauded Wall for his regular season exploits, critics are quick to point out how he has not led teams to meaningful postseason victories.

Wall was well known earlier in his career for his off-the-court antics.

Although the night started off well for Wall, he was ultimately overshadowed in the Game 7 105-115 loss by teammate Bradley Beal. Beal outscored Wall and was much more efficient in his shot selection.

Bradley Beal Statline

Mins: 46 FG: 12–22 Three-Point FG: 5–10 Free Throws: 9–10 Points: 38 Rebounds: 4 Assists: 2 Steals: 2 Blocks: 0 Turnovers: 2

Four Point Play!

John Wall Statline

Mins: 44 FG: 8–23 Three-Point FG: 1–8 Free Throws: 1–2 Points: 18 Rebounds: 7 Assists: 11 Steals: 2 Blocks: 0 Turnovers: 3

Wall entered the game needing to deliver a huge performance. The Wizards have only been able to score in the series with their starting five on the court. Beal’s effort alone was not enough to win since the Celtics bench thoroughly outplayed the Wizards bench again and outscored them by a whopping 48-5.

Wall did not shoot for high percentage in this game, particularly from 3-point range, and did not hit shots that mattered. He missed nine shots in the fourth quarter. The Wizards were widely considered the better team in this series, yet they were unable to win a game on the road in four tries. Wall will face tough questions this offseason about whether he is the type of proven player the Washington Wizards need to lead their talented roster deeper into the postseason.

Jordan Jandreau is an avid sports fan who spends his weekends rooting for the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, and San Francisco Giants.