Gfycat Announces $10M Seed Round and API Release

We’re in the news! TechCrunch just released an exclusive about our “mammoth $10 million seed round,” and we published a press release shortly afterward with more details on the funding announcement and the launch of our self-service API, available here.


Since TechCrunch covered our funding announcement pretty thoroughly, we’ll focus on the API launch. We’re excited for other developers to benefit from our “battle-honed wisdom in video transcoding,” to quote one of our software engineers.

Our API allows third-party developers to create GIF experiences powered by Gfycat in their own apps, programmatically create GIFs, and much more. It also now gives them access to more than 25 million GIFs that they can use to make their apps really stand out. We can’t wait to see what developers come up with!

Part of what we find so exciting about the API is its potential to expand Gfycat as a platform. While we think the tech behind what we do is pretty bomb, ultimately it’s valuable because it allows us to engage an audience who in turn comes up with cool and often surprising uses for the technology we’ve developed.

Kitkat, our office mascot, is working on his new project (GfyDog)
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