Introducing Gfycat Bot for Reddit

Starting today, redditors will be able to add GIFs to a comment thread without leaving the platform, thanks to Gfycat’s new bot for Reddit!

The bot is summoned via a command (/gfycat) paired with a keyword, phrase, or Gfycat name; it then returns GIFs in the form of comments, which can be further commented upon, upvoted, or downvoted in keeping with the ethos of the Reddit platform.

There are two ways you can summon the bot:

  • To randomly return a GIF based on a search term: /gfycat [your phrase here]
  • To return a specific GIF, if you know its Gfycat name: /gfycat [AdjectiveAdjectiveAnimal]

We can’t wait to see what redditors will do with this bot, which brings Gfycat’s millions of user-generated GIFs to a seamless, Reddit-native experience.

Questions, comments, feedback? Let us know on r/gfycat.

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