Managing Your GIFs: Now Easier Than Ever!

We’ve unveiled a new feature! Our Library page now makes it easier to manage privacy settings, albums, and more for individual GIFs or your whole library.

Change privacy settings!
Add GIFs to albums!
Delete GIFs!

Wanna make an album out of a bunch of your GIFs? BAM, done. Make everything private? Simple. Delete something? You’re covered.

Wow, so easy!

This kid knows what’s up

A reminder: you must be logged in to your account in order to delete GIFs, make them private, or put them into albums. If you made your GIF while not logged into your account, you are SOL.

Log in next time!

Cheers to our Senior Software Engineer Josh Kang who developed this feature.

We’re really excited about this update, and we hope our users are too. Let us know what you think via our Support page.

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