Sweet Ice Cream GIFs That Will Melt Your Heart

Summer is a great time to enjoy ice cream. Then again, you could substitute any season or hour and that statement would be equally true. Ice cream is sweet. Ice cream is refreshing. Ice cream is versatile, serving as a perfect vehicle to deliver — nay, elevate — countless flavors. But most of all, ice cream is dripping all over these glorious GIFs. Dig in!

Just as there’s no wrong time to eat ice cream, there’s also no wrong way to enjoy it. Let’s warm up — er, cool down — with a simple baby cone.

See? Even that’s exciting!

Now let’s get a little nutty.

Or do you prefer classic hot fudge?

C’mon, try it.

More of a caramel connoisseur? Pour it on.

Still want more toppings? Let’s make it rain.

Thankfully, ice cream variety is deliciously endless. But all those choices can cause a headache — and not just of the brain-freeze variety.

The pain is so worth it.

The tyranny of choice can be maddening. Although some classic flavors, like vanilla, always remain top of mind.

To many people, ice cream is serious business.

It often requires intense dirty work.

But there are more delicate ways to eat it.

The lean-n-lick is an expert-level move.

One can certainly maintain their dignity while eating ice cream.

But it’s OK to get animated, too.

Especially if you’re sharing a cone with a friend.

Better yet, NOT sharing with a friend.

Every bunny loves ice cream.

“Yum, cabbage ’n’ cream!”

Especially in the dog days of summer.

So help yourself to a scrumptious serving. Maybe even two.

But act fast. Ice cream doesn’t last forever.

And missing out will leave you feeling deflated.

Or in a sticky puddle of ruin.

So catch a big-league cone today.

And enjoy it in your own special way.

Greg Schindler loves bad puns, sports (mainly college jai alai), fancy popcorn, and mentioning that he’s never seen Ghostbusters or Die Hard, as if that makes him interesting or something. Check him out on Twitter @Schindizzle.