Tasty Pizza GIFs to Satisfy Eye Holes and Pie Holes

Here’s what’s great about pizza: everything. Actually, pizza does have one fatal flaw: You can’t eat it all the time. That’s not because any pizza lover (i.e., rational person) could ever grow tired of eating pizza, but because there are external limiting factors at play. Pizza is seldom truly free (no, pizza someone orders after you’ve spent all day helping them move doesn’t count), most pizza places aren’t open 24 hours a day (though they should be by law), and the human stomach has finite capacity (even when your taste buds are extra large).

Pizza GIFs, however, are free (at least here) and always available, and eyeballs have endless appetites. So while you fantasize about that next savory slice — or entire perfect pie — chow down on these gloriously greasy pizza GIFs.

After all that buildup, you may be wondering whether these pizza GIFs will truly deliver. Rest assured, pizza seldom disappoints.

Actually, one bite won’t fulfill your dreams so much as inspire them. That first taste will leave you wanting more. Let’s try a full slice.

You ready for this?

It’s usually painful to see something so beautiful severed.

OK, let’s get this pizza party started with a classic slice.

Let’s see how much you liked that.

Oh, you prefer a thicker crust? We serve that, too.

Only 6,000 calories per slice!

But let’s be honest. One slice of pizza is just a tasty tease.

Just as you pull that first slice from the pie, the entire pizza pulls you in for more.

Mmm…mind control.

Entire pizzas are, indeed, lovable.

But one endearing reason for pizza’s popularity is the ease with which it can be shared. Pizza pulls society together even as its slices are pulled apart.

That sharing includes socially with friends…

Reluctantly with cats…

(Wait, cats only steal pizza in cartoons, right?)

“This looks way better than the plastic mouse that dumb human is playing with.”

And even indirectly with rats…

Or other sewer-dwelling animals.

So take a moment to truly behold pizza in all its glory and many forms.

You’ll realize that while personal pizza has its place, the true spirit of pizza lies in opening a box and sharing your heart with others.

All I am saying is give pizza chance.

Greg Schindler loves bad puns, sports (mainly college jai alai), fancy popcorn, and mentioning that he’s never seen Ghostbusters or Die Hard, as if that makes him interesting or something. Check him out on Twitter @Schindizzle.

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