Terrible GIF Recipes, Ranked

WARNING: Some of this content is really gross. Proceed with caution.

Recipe GIFs are inescapable. Tasty and its myriad knockoffs have taken over the Internet, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Some GIF recipes look delicious! Many do not. Here are some bad ones, ranked from “yuck” to “OMG WHY.”

This probably tastes more or less fine — it’s just concerning that someone, somewhere, has reached such a low point in their life that they think tater tot waffles are a good meal.

Verdict: 🤔

The only explanation for this is that Tasty has been bought by Big Charcuterie.

Verdict: 😒

The infamous “Raindrop Cake” is literally just water and agar. If you want to eat tasteless slime topped with “roasted soy flour,” that’s your prerogative. Just don’t call it a cake.

Verdict: ⁉️

The Food Network has shown itself to be for fools and degenerates. No sane person wants their chicken coated in mayonnaise and cheese crackers.

Verdict: 😑☹️

Why would anyone want to eat their ice cream on soggy, oil-doused bread? Topped with jelly, no less? Nothing proper about this, Tasty.

Verdict: 😧

CONTENT WARNING: extremely gross food below

This looks like someone drank a gallon of milk and a Big Mac, vomited, and then froze the vomit.

Verdict: 💩

Whoever created this recipe is obviously a psychopath. The combination of the sentences “String the cheese” and “infuse the vodka” is truly haunting.

Verdict: 😱

If you’ve made it this far, we applaud you. Be warned, it keeps getting worse.

90% sure this is a troll post. But now you’re going to be unable to stop thinking about watermelon pizza.

Verdict: 😰

Presented without comment.

Verdict: 😖💥💩😭