These Breakfast GIFs Are Your Most Important Sustenance of the Day

Brunch is good. There’s no denying that. A fancier version of breakfast served late enough to sleep in — with booze? Not exactly a tough sell.

Brunch is sexy. Brunch is grand. It’s also a bit, well, basic.

Luckily, we still have breakfast. You do remember breakfast, right? After all, breakfast remains the most important meal of the day, even if its sturdy staples don’t act like it.

Pancakes have no pretense.

Go ahead, pile’ em high.

Eggs are eggs-actly what you egg-spect them to be.

Egg-cellent (sorry).

Even if you’re eating alone, eggs welcome you into the day.

Avocado toast is fine for brunch.

But this is breakfast. Keep it classic.

Or at least French.

Can’t decide what to order? It’s OK to waffle.

Just relax.

Well, that about covers every beloved breakfast item. After all, no one cares about bacon, right?

Wonder when the internet will discover this stuff.

Which is surprising because it is quite pretty.

If you still prefer brunch to breakfast, that’s fine. No need to hash it out further.

And if you really want that mimosa but it’s too early for brunch, just enjoy one with breakfast. Breakfast doesn’t judge.

Greg Schindler loves bad puns, sports (mainly college jai alai), fancy popcorn, and mentioning that he’s never seen Ghostbusters or Die Hard, as if that makes him interesting or something. Check him out on Twitter @Schindizzle.

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