This Week in GIFs: Rats Are (Occasionally) Cute, Who Knew

Despite Pixar’s best efforts to sell us a lie, everyone knows that rats are horrifying. They spread bubonic plague and have tails that look like worms.


Some (depraved, I can only assume) people, however, insist upon keeping rats as pets. That’s fine, humans do all kinds of weird stuff. This GIF, however, has forced me to (begrudgingly) admit that rats can be, sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, a little bit cute.

Even his gross rat tail is excited to see her!

While this woman’s taste in pets is questionable, you have to admit that this particular rat is pretty darn charming. Is anyone in your life as excited to see you as this rat is to see its human? Probably not.

Earlier this summer, NASA tested its Space Launch System booster, as well as a new camera called High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X). Essentially, this camera combines a number of images in order to get a high-res image of the rocket plume.


Even disregarding, you know, scientific implications, looping GIFs of purple fire are always pretty cool.

Speaking of fire, NASCAR driver Derrike Cope’s car EXPLODED during a race in Watkin’s Glen this week.

Boom goes the dynamite

Thankfully Cope was unhurt. Apparently the explosion was due to a tire failure.

Vintage Works, a custom car and cycle shop, released video of a motorcycle built to look like a Star Wars speeder-bike.

Ok but he looks like a damn fool with his legs dangling like that

This is cool and makes my nerd heart sing, but come on. Wear a helmet, dude!

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