We are excited to launch the GIF Feed along with the ability to see all the accounts you follow and all the accounts that follow you. Over the past months we made the “follow” button prominent in a few different places next to usernames and profile pictures.

GIF Feed

When you are logged in, a “Feed” option will appear in the top left position in the navigation bar. Click that and you will be able to see a simple reverse chronological feed (newest to oldest) of all the GIFs posted by the accounts that you follow.

GIF Feed
GIF Feed
Click Feed in the navigation bar to go to your GIF Feed

Feed View

We have also added a…

The team at Gfycat is thrilled to announce GIFs with sound! Starting today, you have the option to keep sound in your videos or convert them as usual into the high-quality GIFs you’ve come to know and love on Gfycat.

We routinely ask Gfycat users what they would like to see next in terms of functionality and sound was the most requested feature in our latest survey. …

Update December 21, 2018: You can now add any GIF you see on Gfycat to a Collection (such as illustrated in the GIF below).

Over the past year, we have released continuous improvements to your Gfycat profile and your GIF library. We rethought albums, folder and bookmarks and created a brand new product to help you manage your amazing content, Collections. …

Step up your tweet game by posting GIFs to Twitter. Twitter is one of the most vibrant platforms to share thoughts, opinions, and converse about a full range of topics. GIFs add to the mix!

Sometimes though, you have your own GIFs that you want to be able to use in Tweets or Tweet Replies. We make a Twitter-optimized .gif for every GIF on Gfycat. It’s a quick three step process.

3 Steps to Posts GIFs to Twitter

Step 1: Upload your GIFs to Gfycat

Click on Upload in the upper right corner to begin uploading your GIFs . …

Part 12 in our Creator Spotlight Series

VR games have had some challenges in reaching wide adoption, foremost among them motion sickness. Sairento VR, the debut game from Mixed Realms, however, is one of the best-reviewed VR games currently available and a top-seller on Steam. Its success comes from its unique gameplay style inspired by samurai legend, and from its innovative handling of the motion sickness problem by allowing users to choose their means of transportation in the game.

Mixed Realms is a small studio based in Singapore, and Sairento VR is their first game. Aldric Chang, CEO at Mixed Realms, told me that GIFs are…

Gmail: the tab that’s always open. You spend so much time reading and drafting emails, so why not make the experience a little more fun? Try adding GIFs to Gmail.

Getting Started

Whether you are on your personal account or business account, when you’re using Gmail chances are you are working on something important. That means you’re probably busy — but it can’t hurt to inject a little fun. Gfycat is here to help you lighten the mood a little in your email replies.

Install Gfycat for Gmail here

The Gfycat for Gmail add-on works on all browsers. It is accessed entirely…

Part 11 in our Creator Spotlight Series

Growing up, Geno Palocsko loved two things: art, and ice hockey. “I love everything about the game itself. The almost constant speed and flow of the play, the skating and puck handling skill involved, the fierce combat for possession of the puck, a well placed hip check. The crack of stick on puck, the clang of a puck off the goal post, the crunch of the ice as your skate jets you forward,” Geno says. He’s managed to meld the two in the GIFs he creates for Pens.Hockey, the blog he runs with two friends.

Many of Geno’s GIFs…

Part 10 in our Creator Spotlight Series

JJ Costello describes his in-development game, Cold Comfort, as “the love child of Rainbow Siege Six and Left 4 Dead.” JJ originally conceived of the concept for Cold Comfort in 2016. With no background in software development or animation, though, he initially struggled to bring his ideas to life.

With the help of a 3D artist, Costello was able to turn his Game Design Document into concept art. It’s now a 30-person project, though still unfunded. All contributors work on Cold Comfort in their spare time while employed at other jobs. “If we were all professionals and dedicated to…

Part 9 in our Creator Spotlight Series

Volta Voloshin-Smith started the blog Color Snack while she was in graduate school and working full time, and badly in need of a creative outlet. She started creating watercolor sketches. Once she realized how happy painting made her, she decided she needed to share that happiness with the world.

“The goal of all my tutorials is to make them quick and easy. I want to inspire people to pick up some art supplies and get to sketching,” Volta says.

Volta uses GIFs on her blog because of their value in breaking a task into distinct, visual steps. “ GIFs…

Part 8 in our Creator Spotlight Series

Though Dániel Bali lives and works in London, he’s originally from Hungary, and his extended family still lives there. It makes sense, then, that his art seems not only to transcend language, but to leave behind the possibility of description.

Dániel makes his GIFs using Blender, an open-source 3D image software. Art made with Blender is popular in certain Internet subcultures, but Bali’s work is remarkable for its minimal, abstract style.

Bali creates his painstaking animations in his spare time — he works as a software engineer, and says that he considers himself a “hobbyist-artist,” although he told…


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