To most people, those are words you don’t want to hear. Those words bring to mind the image of their mother telling them to "brush your teeth!" or "comb your hair!" But I personally feel that it can mean something good--something to bring up the day a little.
On that note, here are five habits I feel everyone should develop. Again, these are my personal thoughts and not a how-to-live-your-life.
1. Read every day.
This is probably an obvious one, but I personally feel this is very extremely important.
I have to say that this habit is partly due to my mom. Since she was a teacher, she would bring back books from her classrooms and we would read them. And as we grew up our tastes became different.
I find that I can just sit back and read, and not have to worry about anything else for a while. So get a book, a paper, a magazine, and just sit and enjoy yourself.
2. Remember to smile
Sometimes another person is having a rough day. A little smile can go a long way. I’ve found that I feel a lot better when someone smiles at me, and I smile back. And I’d like to think that when I smile at people, I’ve brightened up their day a little.
3. Drink water
I know, I know, this is probably something your doctor tells you a lot, but believe you me, this is a good one.
I used to be one that didn’t really drink water, but now I find I enjoy drinking it just as much as anything else. I now make sure I carry a bottle of water when I go to work or when I’m working out; even when I’m writing.
4. Talk to people
Human communication is one of the most important things we forget.
5. Don’t forget to tell the people who love you that you love them back
After my grandma passed away this summer, it made me realize that the people that are important to you...well, you have to tell them how you feel. And I miss her every day. But now I make sure to tell my siblings, my aunt, and most importantly my mom every day that I love them.

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