Always search behind the scenes!

Google it, and you will find only this:

Syria, it is. Whenever you google it, think about it or hear its name, all you can imagine about it is “damaged” lives, “bloody” tears, and “throaty” screams coming from dead, tortured and distressed people all over the place. Can’t tell you all of these scenes are not there, I will, instead, tell you that there are a lot of other stories struggling to stay alive on the backstage.

Well, wherever there’s pain, there will always be tiny resistant seedlings trying to find their way to the light and guess what, no one even realizes them but only those who are touched closely by their tender. I want you while reading these words, to just forget all the prior pictures you have in your mind about my country and open your heart to what you’re going to read next.

We, Syrians inside, are not hiding from the rockets, abductions, torturing or even tanks, but are simply “surviving”! Believe it or not, Syrians have jobs, schools, universities and they even go to dinners with their beloved ones. But more than that, they’re lending a helping hand to each other despite all the painful feelings they’re holding within their chests. War resulted in millions of broken hearts but it also has been giving birth of staunch young people that are refusing every single day and every single moment to easily give up. With stingy electricity, turtle-speed internet connection, safety absence, and the lack of the most intuitive life needs, any “sane” human will think that: “Oh God! These people should be in a lethargy right now!” However, Let me tell you this shocking fact:

“A lot of projects, companies, initiatives, start-ups, and social and educational events were born within the middle of this war! Syrian youth didn’t even know what does entrepreneurship means before all these disasters has ever happened!”

Did you know that some of these startups running by 15 to 20 years old leaders? startups around technology, social issues and much more? I have too many stories to tell about what youth are doing here in the inside to make their country a better place to live but I’ll retrace them separately one by one just to make sure that I don’t miss any part of these “real-tales”.

Now I’ll ask you my friends to stop googling and to wait for my upcoming stories!

To Be Continued ..

P.S. my first story will be about the backstage of this picture below.

Stay Tuned!
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