I adore flying like birds, but I fly my way

“Like the birds adore flying high, I fly with my passion, my dreams and my vision. I don’t believe in any limitations and I know that impossible only exists in our illusions. I see the beautiful tomorrow lies there, in the eyes of my loved ones, in the smile of children, in the will of young people and in the words of the great people whose destinies cut across with mine. Every morning, I feel my passion grows deeper inside me when I open my eyes and see that God gave me a new day and a new chance to be better, to make the world better. It’s not easy and that’s why I find it every time more joyful, hearty and full of life. Nothing can explain what I really feel inside when I draw a smile on someone’s face no matter how little it is, I know it’s my passion indeed.

Now, I know that life isn’t only about myself, it’s also about leaving an effect in this world and making others’ lives better. When I was younger, I was weaker, more emotional and easier to break. But a tough life gave me lessons and many obstacles. It hit me so hard that I fell down but I stood up stronger. Thanks to all these traumas, I’m the girl I am now. I’m not yet someone great, I’m only 24 years old and I still have a lot to learn and achieve. But every moment I passed in my life, showed me that I can reach any where I want to if I really had faith and believed I can do. Be proud that you’re a girl. You give the world’s every single birth. Life, Love, Peace are born from deep inside you. You can be a ‪GirlHero‬ only if you wanted to and believed that you really can.”


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