Arsenal vs. Southampton

What a time to be alive indeed. We live in the time where every Tom, Dick, & Harry with an internet connection can present themselves as a pundit. Also very interesting how much of this article is dedicated to teams that are not Arsenal. Pure unadultered voyeurism. The same type of voyeurism Wenger attacked Jose of in 2005. In the past 5 season (this one so far included) Chelsea has scored 287 goals. Guess which other team has scored the exact amount of goals. Arsenal. The writer still proclaims Chelsea is a boring team. Let me guess, the goals only account the more passes it takes to score? As we all know Mr. Wenger is an economics graduate so it is ironic how many times the word “economist” is mentioned in this article seeing. I could go on and on but I’d save it for a stand alone article sometime in the future. Pardon the meandering stream of consciousness.

Full disclosure: I’ve bled United Red all my life, even through the “Invincible” period which was a truly beautiful display of football. Too bad the “Invincibles” of then are now the “Invisibles” of now.

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