What’s the difference between liking someone and loving someone?

This can be one of the main issues that face everyone in their daily life; the confusion that takes over everyone whether they like this person or if they love them.

Well for you to figure , liking someone is to like their personality or how they look or the way they walk or even how they do their hair, how they talk or how they share the same interests as you do;this phase is what we face in our daily lives and that’s how you can get millions of crushes in just one day. Also liking someone can occur from how they act like if they start being flirty or so. All of these examples are just when is it that you like someone.

To love someone is a totally different feeling, it starts with you thinking about them day and night, waiting for a text from them, hoping they’re doing fine. You begin to think of how to make them happy that you can even put your happiness aside. Even the simplest of things from them can make your day like telling you how good you look in this picture, or even how good this perfume you’re wearing smells. More importantly you can feel yourself around them, no matter how bad you look or how good you are ,he/she will still accept you just the way you are. You can trust them with everything and that’s the most important thing about loving someone , you feel like you can tell them anything and everything trusting they won’t judge you, you can even trust them with your ownself.You would be the one who gets them the most, from a facial expression to a simple ‘i’m fine’ text knowing they’re not. They ignite your heart whenever their names appear on your phone.They can make you feel like you’re the most amazing person out there and that’s when you know you’re truly inlove. A name will be popped into you’re mind while reading this and i guess that would answer your question.

Now ask yourself do i like this person or am i inlove?

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