You are worth it.

People face many obstacles in their daily life; one of the many things that I’ve actually realized is how people feel about themselves; it all starts with ‘What have I done?’ To the point where they say ‘Oh well I guess I’m just not enough’

The truth is nobody should ever go through anything that would make them feel less than what they deserve. Just feeling youre not enough says alot about you, you’ve done something or you’ve been actually trying to do something to prove to someone or to even yourself that you’re worthy, but sorry to say this if your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends or even your parents made you feel less of what you are.They.Don’t.Deserve.You.

For example, in some unhealthy relationships, a person leaves, leaving the other wondering and thinking what have they done wrong, what possible mistake have they made to make them leave and then they reach to the conclusion that maybe just maybe they’re not enough to keep their partner happy. To the person reading this, if you relate, one thing I can assure you of ,is you’ve done all what it takes to make them happy, you’ve probably put your very last breath to show them you care and them leaving has nothing to do with you. You’re worthy in too many ways and you deserve someone who makes you feel so!

Some parents tend to disregard their children’s feelings and always aim to make them feel like they’re some ‘sort of losers’ because they think by this way they’d make them better. If their children didn’t meet their parents’ expectations in getting the grades that would lead them to colleges THEIR PARENTS want them to join, simply they will spit out words that show how unsatisfied and so not proud of them , while not thinking how their children feel, how they tried so hard to do their roles and aim to get the best degrees or marks to meet with their parent’s expectations. After feeling the disappointment from their parents, children feel unworthy and that would actually lead to many bad consequences. However, listen to this! You’ve done your best, you’ve actually had the intensions in making them proud, and if they don’t feel so it’s their loss. You do something to please yourself and not to please anyone else.

So my point here is your existence matters, whether to a friend, parents or even to your pets. You matter in too many ways you don’t realize it; take a moment and think what would those who love and care about you do without your existence. Just because someone brings you down doesn’t mean you don’t have others.

You are more than enough,always remember that.
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