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For the record, I love Mallory on “After the Thrones”. Her insight and wit makes that show very enjoyable. But I can’t help but to question her judgement after this article. I get it, you love your house, cat, TV, and food delivery apps. But the underlying problems gnaw (pun intended) away at my enjoyment of this article, namely:

  1. The laziness. You drive right by a place on your way home from work, only to order from it later. It’s one thing to be undecided, then decide later, but to knowingly skip it is absurd.
  2. The cost, the cost, THE COST. A breakdown of the total cost of delivery would be huge. But if you and your partner can afford it, that’s cool, I guess.
  3. The waste. There is a large amount of packaging used when restaurants pack up your food. This is probably my least favorite part of take-out/delivery. Often, styrofoam is used to keep food warm, and that stuff is not recyclable. Then there’s the problem of the additional pollution (air and traffic) from the delivery vehicle, especially if the place is on your way home (see #1). Also, as noted in the article, sometimes the app orders food from the restaurant not closest to your house.

Otherwise, a good read.

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