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From the profile (disclosure: I have never heard or seen Tomi before), she seems like a hard-working kid that’s ambitious and capable, and a product of her environment. If she were born to parents on the east or west coasts, she would’ve had a totally different world view.

The problem is the insular nature of our world view. Tomi was born in SD, went to school in Nevada, and works in Dallas. Her experiences with immigrants and minorities are limited, superficial, or probably non-existent. Therefore, her worldviews comes from a place of ignorant (not necessarily hate), but it invites the hate all the same.

My advice to her would be to travel and get broader experiences before your mind becomes poisoned by the hate you receive (and give). I would think her idea to “carpet-bomb the Middle East” would be different if she went there, or visit a refugee camp in the area.