Barbara Palvin by Eric Maillet for Vogue Russia December 2010

From the ceiling hung a piece of decoration,
Like from me hung a piece of admiration.

A memento of our new year’s night,
A memory of our first ever sight.

Soon it will fall out and be thrown,
Like out of me you’ll have grown.

We’ll keep the pictures where we smile
And erase the numbers we used to dial.

If it hit so strong then it must be love, right?
But it fade so quick so I guess it was just a night.

Perhaps I’ll keep it on the ceiling,
Just to remember the feeling.

Perhaps I’ll hang the photos on the wall,
To forget nothing, forever remember all.

The jager, the tattoo and the unscored cocaine.
The conversation looping in my brain
That I made up cause I’m insane.
The ride back home on the train,
The beer we were quick to drain,
The side who should be the main,
The permanent mark on my vein,
All of which none remain.

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