Indian Masala Chai — Order Tea Online And Enjoy The Tasty Beverage

What refreshes you after the having a hard day at work? Tea, of course, we all have that in our kitchen. So, what you do if it goes out of stock? You probably order tea online to fill that stock of taste in your kitchen. Tea has gone extensive innovation and research for the past many centuries. There is nothing to be surprised about if you find any new variety in the city, every other day. One such cool blend of tea is Masala Chai, that’s healthy and tasty at the same time.

This relaxing beverage can be easily located in every Indian kitchen. However, high demand can also be seen in the west for the Indian Masala Chai. Let’s make you more acknowledged with the Masala Chai.

Masala Tea — Enjoy A Refreshing Tea Anytime Anywhere

Masala Tea is a choice of all times, no matter if it is hot weather or cold season. So, if you are still wondering whether to order tea online in the hot season or not, think again. In fact, families enjoy this delicious beverage during their social meet-ups even during the scorching temperature. Sipping masala chai has become a ritual for most people in India that has to be done, no matter what. Giving tea breaks in offices is a common practice. Its every sip makes you feel more energized and motivated to keep the productivity at workplace. Any time is tea time here.

How To Get Delicious Masala Chai Prepared?

Preparing masala chai is as simple as you can imagine. All it takes is a few tea leaves, grounded spices, milk and sweetener to brew the perfect cup at your home. It gets prepared in minutes that you will appreciate. Let’s check out how these all ingredients help in creating a perfect cup of masala tea.

  • Tea Leaves:

The tea tastes at its best when you use dry loose leaf tea. Its authentic flavor remains in its best form in the loose leaf tea and helps you make a cup full of happiness.

  • Grounded Spices:

Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and other spices are mixed together to make a fine powder to give a spicy tinge to the masala tea. You can use as many and as few spices as you want to control the taste in your magical blend.

Now, one might wonder why there is a need to put so many spices in the tea. Well, it’s not just about taste but the health benefits that the magical blend of spices brings along with it. It’s nutritious, healthy and tasty that make a sense to add such a heavenly stuff in the tea.


Masala Chai is a typical name given to the tea that’s prepared using lots of spices and herbs in the kitchen. This divine mixture of spices makes the tea a savior for good health, keeping immune system stronger and eliminating stress as well. The best place to buy earl grey tea & masala chai is to order tea online. Make sure you deal with an online tea store that’s reputed for its quality and quick delivery.

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