I have an idea for a business

I had a genius idea for a business! Allow me to explain.

What’s something lots of people need? Healthcare. However, healthcare is expensive, sometimes it can go into the millions of dollars to get healthcare. So, I had the idea that I could have everyone pay into a sort of fund, a pool of money, that sits there and then in the event that anyone gets sick, they can easily afford health care. I call it… health insurance. Sounds good, right? Well…

There’s more to it than that. I have the opportunity to make billions of dollars here as the sole proprietor of this little idea. As long as the people who need healthcare don’t end up costing me too much money… I can make billions! If anyone ends up getting too sick, and costing me a lot of money, I’ll just tell them to piss off. Sure, this essentially turns the whole idea into a flat-out scam, and has absolutely none of the benefits that were originally promised! But who cares! I can make billions! And it’s The American Thing To Do™.

I’ll also need to make sure everyone understands that only insurance companies should be allowed to pool their resources for the *cough* benefit of society. There needs to be a person, an owner making profit from this! Me! You can’t just cooperate as a collective to solve a common problem, that’s outrageous! It’s evil! It’s insane! The world will end! America will turn into Russia! Fascism will prevail! Give me billions! Socialism is evil, even though we already have like, hundreds of publicly funded things already such as police and emergency services! Say no to socialism!

Oh wait, there are people who are already doing this.

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