The Real BLM issue

Hypocrisy is rather easy to achieve, when one’s vision is narrow. Thus enters the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The BLM movement has some very powerful arguments for it’s cause. It’s justified in it’s creation, and it’s goals are rather simple yet profound. That is, until you venture beyond their primary target, the Police.

So let’s do that shall we? Aside from the Police, who else keeps killing black people… on a daily basis… in damn near every major city in the U.S.? You guessed it, other black people. I find it very unnerving just how easy it is for the BLM movement to completely ignore where the real problem is stemming from. Not only do they choose to ignore it, they will immediately label those that bring up the matter as either being racist, or trying to change the subject. When the truth of the matter is that Black-on-Black (BoB) violence is the root cause of why there is so much tension between the police and the black-communities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive, I know there are “bad” police officers out there, and we do need to work together as a society to weed them out. However, BoB crime puts all people within high-crime areas on alert. This rings especially true for the cops within that community.

You see, the majority of the cops in this country are tasks with simply keeping the peace. Pulling over people that speed, dealing with minor domestic calls, and DUIs. But the Police in high crime areas are of an entirely different caliber. They’re dealing with gangs, murders, shootings, drug dealers, prostitutes, and crackheads. They are literally walking around with a bullseye on their back with every call that they receive.

Police swear an oath to Protect and Serve, but that oath doesn’t mean that they can’t protect themselves when doing their job. That oath doesn’t say “I will wait to be shot at before returning fire.” Yes, there should be more non-lethal methods for subduing a suspect. But the truth of the matter is that, most suspects that choose to disobey an officer, are doing so because they don’t want to go to jail. These are desperate people, and if given the opportunity, they will do whatever is necessary to keep from going back. It’s a flight-or-fight mentality.

So how do we resolve this? The first step is to clean up the neighborhoods. Take back the streets, make it safe, by removing the drugs, and gangs from the area. Get the homeless off of the street, and the kids back in school.

Instead of banning guns, ban violence. Invoke such extreme sentences for those caught with illegal possession of a firearm, that no one will dare use them. Same goes for drug dealers, no more slaps on the wrist for such offenses. Develop specific prison programs, designed to re-purpose drug dealers, teaching them skills, and life-lessons to keep them off the street.

Lets face it, drug dealers sell drugs because that’s the easiest way for them to make money. If given better, safer options don’t you think they would take them?

To fix your community, you need to zero in on the problem, and resolve it. If your neighborhood has a gang, or drug problem, then fix it. Call the cops on your neighbors, install security cameras, and develop community awareness programs to address all concerns with your elected officials on a regular basis.

If you really want people to support the BLM movement, then you need to start proving that you mean it. Instead of protesting, organizing walks, and rioting every time a cop shoot a black person. I encourage you to protest every time a black person kills a black person. Or better yet, every time a black person kills anyone for that matter. This is what we mean by All Lives Matter. If you want people to sympathize with you, then you need to prove that you believe that all lives matter, and you need to show the rest of the country that you want to live in a better society.

I’m not alone in my thoughts on this.

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