Scripted or Unscripted: Trump

Over the past six months Donald Trump has taken the political world, along with his own personal image, and completely turned it upside down. It wasn’t long ago that this same man who now dominates and dictates the conversation was looked at as an outlandish, out-of-touch, and “loony” figure in the world of politics.

So what has changed?


With the help of technology the world of reality TV that was once known for being a representation of everything that is wrong with modern society has turned into just that; our modern society. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have silently transformed each of us into “reality stars” in our own right.

Let’s examine the political landscape and see how Donald Trump has so easily navigated and dominated this new world. We all know that he’s arguably the greatest “Reality TV Star” of all time, but just what is it that makes him great?

Donald Trump the presidential candidate, like Donald Trump The star of The Apprentice, is the boss. He’s a one-man show.

Take a look at Trump’s Twitter feed.

Now take a look at Jeb Bush’s Twitter feed.

See the difference?

One is run by a team of robotic campaigners while the other is run by a sixty-nine year old billionaire who doesn't answer to anyone but himself. If he screws up, which he has plenty of times; he will own up to it and move on. Well he may blame someone else, but you get the point. We know it’s him. Imagine Jeb or Ted Cruz live tweeting the democratic debate?

*Insert crying-laughing emoji*

What about his big plans and ideas? Let’s start with that “huge” wall and the more radical plan to deport all illegal immigrants. This is Donald Trump at his best. It’s “The Art of the Deal.”

He knows that a bill proposing the deportation of all illegal immigrants and their children would never pass, so why even bring it up?


1) We’re talking about Donald Trump again and

2) You start high and then work your way down.

A wall actually makes complete sense. It’s very doable, would solve a lot of our current problems along the border, create jobs to build it, etc.

Trump knows that deporting all illegal immigrants is unrealistic, but a wall is not. He starts by asking for the radical, and irrational, but ends up with a common sense, sensible solution.

Oh and the part about Mexico paying for it? That makes sense too.


Because Mexico would never pay for it, but splitting it 50/50 (or close to it) is where the deal would get done, and Trump knows that. Especially with the recent influx of American corporations making the trip down south. Mexico knows that with a self-financed Trump administration it can’t have it’s cake and eat it too.

Now what makes this so interesting is that the self-proclaimed raw, unfiltered, and off-the-cuff Donald Trump is actually presenting a well thought out and calculated plan.

Surprise, surprise.

It’s kind of like that unscripted, but totally scripted, world we call “Reality TV.”