Big Announcement!

…it’s all about you!

You’ll notice a whole new look to the GhostCodes brand this week…including an adorable new ghost. But today’s announcement goes much deeper than introducing a new logo.

Since we launched in April of this year, we’ve made great strides to improve Snapchat discovery. That was our #1 goal. In addition, we’ve also been working on a lot of things behind the scenes that go beyond that. GhostCodes will always provide tools to assist our users in growing their audience. BUT, in the coming weeks — you’ll begin to notice powerful new tools that will help our creators grow their wallet.

Say Whaaaaaaaat?

One thing we’ve come to learn is that the GhostCodes community is filled with fantastic creators. Amazing Artists, Engaging Storytellers, Motivating Fitness Gurus, Hilarious Comedians. We marvel at everyone’s ability to consistently create dynamic content. Because of this, we wanted to support our creators in more actionable ways.

The two things we know:

  1. Creators want to make money.
  2. Brands are looking for (and are willing to pay for) talent.

So, today — we’re announcing the GhostCodes Creator Dashboard!

GhostCodes Creator Dashboard

What this means for creators:

Audience Insights

As a creator, our dashboard will give you free tools to understand your audience. Not only will it provide valuable demographics data about the age and location of your following, but it will also give you insights into what they’re actually interested in. This will allow you to continue to create content that resonates with your viewers.

Growth Through Collaboration

We truly believe that the best way to grow your audience on any social platform is to collaborate with other creators. One of our goals is for GhostCodes to be a catalyst for these connections. We can use our dashboard data to align you and other creators with a similar following so y’all can grow together!

Sponsored Brand Deals

Currently, GhostCodes has over 20,000 unique interests that have been added by our community. Because of this, our dashboard will work wonders in pairing brands and relevant influencers to reach targeted audiences. It’s like an influencer + brand matchmaker.

When brands look into partnering with content creators, we want to give them tools that go beyond just the influencer’s reach. With GhostCodes, we can use what we know about your following to focus on the actual relevancy of reach. For instance — if you have a following that is primarily interested in fitness topics like: running, crossfit, healthy eating, etc. — then you may be a good match for a fitness brand.

We think this is a vital tool for every brand that is serious about investing in content creators.

You can register for early access to the GhostCodes Dashboard here.

We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to team up with our creators and do amazing things together. As we embark on this journey, we’ll continue to improve social discovery by enhancing the connection features in our app, until then…

Stay Spooky Y’all,

Team Ghostcodes