Get Featured on GhostCodes

A Simple 3 Step Guide

We all share the same goal — that once in a lifetime moment of bliss where you’re able to brag to your Nanna about getting featured on one of your favorite apps, GhostCodes.

She tells you how proud she is…followed by a “what is GhostCodes?”

You then take the rest of the afternoon to explain our awesome app to her in 1930’s slang.

She hops on GhostCodes.

Gets featured.

Her content goes viral…and you get left in the dust.


That’s why we’re gonna give you some simple tips to make this unlikely scenario a little more likely.

Here are our 3 Simple Steps to Getting Featured:

Step 1: Have an Interesting Profile.

We love seeing GhostCodes users utilizing their profile to its fullest potential. Eye-catching photo, interesting bio, multiple social links, unique interests. These are a few of the things that stand out to us.

Your profile tells so much about who you are and the type of content you create. It’s the window into your Snapchat *soul — pun intended. 👻

Step 2: Make a Killer Intro Video

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to watch everybody’s content on Snapchat. Believe us, we’ve tried. We’re working on a space-time vortex manipulator that drastically slows down our days in order to give us more C.C.H. (Content Consumption Hours.) While we have a working prototype of this device, the government regulations on time machines are crazy these days.

So, until then, we have an interim solution — Intro Videos.

The best way to give us a taste of your content style is by creating an engaging Intro Video for the world to see. Intro Videos can have multiple scenes, be up to 30 seconds in length, and you can change them as often as you’d like.

Watch an example from our friend, Shonduras:

Step 3: Talk To Us

That’s right, good ol’ fashioned networking. It works. Believe it or not, the more you communicate with us on social, the better chance you’ll stand out. While we may not always respond right away, we actively monitor our social responses and love hearing from everyone on GhostCodes.

Find us here:


That’s it. Just three simple steps to getting featured on GhostCodes. We can’t thank everyone enough for making GhostCodes what it is today. We enjoy seeing so many people connect through GhostCodes on similar interests across multiple social platforms. We’re actively working on cool ways to enhance this experience.

Stay tuned for future updates with spooky new features! Oh, and good luck on impressing your Nanna.

Stay Spooky Y’all,

-Team GhostCodes