GhostCodes + Snaphappen

GhostCodes is sponsoring an awesome event in London called Snaphappen, and we couldn’t be more excited to be there with a few dozen of our favorite creators. On September 22nd, many of the worlds top Snapchat/Social influencers will spend time sharing real, tangible advice around Snapchat and it’s many unique attributes.

One of those people will be our co-founder, Frank Danna. It’s been our dream since day ONE to be part of something like Snaphappen — to connect IRL with creators who’ve found their audience through Snapchat — and, quite possibly, GhostCodes.

Besides sharing the story of GhostCodes, Frank will be sharing about his adventures as a social creator, and other spiffy quasi-important stuff. He will also be announcing something BIG for the future of GhostCodes and its massive community of users. Something we’e been working towards since April, when we launched our app. We’re gonna stay tight lipped about it until later this week — but it’ll be pretty monumentous for everyone on the platform.

If you’re in London, we’d love to meet you in person. We’ve got stickers and swag and hugs to give away for free (actually — darn — hugs are $7.99). Tickets for Snaphappen are still on sale, and if you’re a fan of Snapchat — you’ll probably love the Snaphappen conference. I mean — take a look at the lineup of speakers!

We’ll be covering our trip to London and Snaphappen on the GhostCodes Snapchat account as well as various other social accounts, and we’d love for you to follow along!

Oh look! Snapcodes!